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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Automobile Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering

The curriculum for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering includes,

Strength of Materials
Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Power
Thermal Engineering – I
Manufacturing Technology – I
Renewable Energy Sources
Electrical Drives & Control
Thermal Engineering – II
Manufacturing Technology – II
Industrial Engineering and Management
Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Electives :
Total Quality Management
Modern Machining Process
Power Plant Engineering
Design of Machine Elements
Automobile Engineering
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
Rapid Proto – Typing

Machine Drawing
Mechanical Testing & Quality Control Practical
Fluid Power Practical
Computer Application Practical
Computer Aided Machine Drawing Practical
Manufacturing Technology – I Practical
Metrology & Measurement and Machine Tool Testing Practical
Electrical Drives & Control Practical
Thermal Engineering Practical
Manufacturing Technology – II Practical
Communication and Life Skills Practical
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Process Automation Practical

Elective Practical:
Automobile Engineering Practical
Robotics Practical
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Practical
Rapid Proto – Typing Practical
Project Work

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